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A wild Daily You appeared!

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Posted on November 10, 2021

What's up Tagglers!

Don't fret if a Daily You card pops out through your Taggle cards. The Daily You is a simple Q&A card that appears every day. It has no right or wrong answers, and you can answer however you like. It’s all about the choice that resonates with you the most at the present moment. After all, we’re all in constant flux.

We created over a hundred cards for you to customise your Taggle experience, and some of these might repeat. The Daily You helps us understand your preferences better so that we can recommend better Taggles and Deals. You can also talk about the Q&As with your fellow Tagglers to get to know them better!

We hope you enjoy the Daily You cards and have a few laughs out of them.

With that, are you lime or lemon?