A group of friends hanging by the shore

Rediscovering you

How our app can help reintroduce ourselves to the social world

Posted on October 12, 2021

We know it’s difficult to meet new people. Social media, social networks, and the ongoing pandemic seemed to have only made things worse as we feel lonelier and more emotionally disconnected. These days, there is even a wider collective experience of the fear of missing out, and because of this, we have started tuning out in our lives.

Our mission over at Taggle is to reintroduce ourselves to the social world—to what’s real—to slowly connect in steps, not too fast so as to allow the warmth to develop gradually, and to eventually attune ourselves with what it means to be truly human.

To use Taggle effectively, we recommend starting out with simple activities. Create a Taggle for a walk in your nearby park, or create one for a two-person basketball session. Then, move on to creating Taggles for board games with a larger group. Later on, you might even find Tagglers to join you in attending a concert by your favourite band. From learning how to walk, you can begin to run. Eventually, you can even create Taggles for hiking and rock climbing.

Our platform is meant to empower you to discover not only yourself but also others and the world around you. We believe that as lives touch and intersect, stories unfold and an adventure, although it might go untold, blossoms. All it takes is the willingness to take the first step, slowly but surely.

This is your journey.