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“Anyone up for—”

Find someone to tag along as you journey through life

Posted on October 2, 2021

Ever wanted to go to that cosplay convention, attend that finance forum, take that Korean language class, or participate in that punishment game to repay your debts, but have no one to go with?

Do your friend groups and Discord channels feel lonely or otherwise too much, and so you sometimes find yourself thinking about hanging out with new people?

How often have you said or heard the phrase, “Anyone up for—” but received no response.

Or maybe, you’ve even taken the plunge and decided to move to a new location or country and therefore don’t know anyone.

Well, we hope you’re excited for what’s coming your way! Here in Taggle, our awesome team is constantly developing a platform that allows you to connect to others as conveniently as possible. We make it so that you’ll always be able to find someone to tag along as you journey through life because we believe that you deserve new and memorable experiences.

Using our platform, you can quickly create “Taggles” and get other “Tagglers” to join you. You’re also given several “Taggle cards” where other Tagglers are hoping you’d join them. Furthermore, there are two modes that you can select: “Taggle Personal” or “Taggle Deals”. Taggle Deals allows you to go on deals provided by our business partners with other Tagglers so you don’t have to feel like you’re nagging or bothering your friends (we’ve all felt that). Another nifty feature we’ve developed is that all your Taggles are neatly organised in your Taggle List!

As we don’t envision Taggle to be a social network, we have done away with much of social network implements like likes, follows, and friend requests. Rather, we believe that you can grow as a person with Taggle without all those numbers and figures and cliques. Be yourself and explore the world in your own way!

We want you to feel that you’re not alone in the world and that out there, someone is interested in what you’re doing. No matter when, where, or with whom, Taggle allows you to live your life in a whole new way.